Angry Chicken_Android




Game Description :

This is a story happened in a farm. The main character is a angry chicken. Her dream is to escape from the farm. But always stop by the hateful fox. This is a leisure type puzzle game. Every time the players clicks on one of the white circles, the chicken will jump once outwards. The objective is to prevent the chicken from running to the outermost circles. If the chicken jumps to the outermost circle, the chicken will lose its life. The time used and score will also be displayed. To complete the game, require players to judge the walking direction of the chicken. Of course, the props help you win the game asap.

Game Features :

The angry chicken lives in a farm, what happend? what is the end of the story? let’s check one by one. The chicken will jump once, when you click the white circle. Remember do not let the chicken escape from the farm, you can win the game. Props make the game easier to play. Beautiful pictures make the game more shining.


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