UFan8 Trust and Policy

  • Our Philosophy

    • UFan8 uses a combination of software, automated systems and manual monitoring to maintain a safe community on UFan8. It’s our #1 goal. Guided by our Community Standards & Site Rules and Terms of Service, we continuously review UFan8 broadcasts to warn, suspend, or ban any users who violate our policies. We have 24 hour managers online to watch and respond to any instances.

  • Safety Tools

    • Blocking a User
      You can block any user from posting on your profile or interacting in your broadcasts. Click or tap on the user’s name, click or tap the red flag icon in his or her mini-profile, and select the “block” option.

    • Flagging a User
      Help keep UFan8 safe! All users should flag content they believe violates UFan8's policies or puts any member of the community at risk. When you flag a user, the flag goes to live moderators who will review the situation and take action immediately as they see fit. Please only flag content that you deem inappropriate! Repetitive false flagging could result in a short suspension.

    • Contact a Mod
      Use the "Contact Mod" form on UFan8's website to submit your request for a moderator's attention. This form allows you to create a more in-depth report to a moderator in real-time.

    • Report a User
      Use the "Report a User" form on UFan8's website to submit your request for a moderator's attention. This form allows you to create a more in-depth report.

    • Parents' Guide
      Are you a parent of a user on UFan8? Feel free to visit our Parents' Guide to learn important information about UFan8 and general social media safety.

  • Underage Users

    • UFan8 users must be at least 13 years of age. If you come across users who are younger than 13, please make sure to flag them.

  • Sexual Content

    • Sexually explicit content is not allowed on UFan8. If you come across an image or broadcast that is explicitly sexual or pornographic in nature, please flag the user immediately so a moderator can review the content and handle the situation accordingly.

      Broadcasting, sharing, downloading, or encouraging sexually explicit content can be criminal. Note that we report all instances of child exploitation to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. For more information on reporting to NCMEC, please click here.

  • Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention

    • If you come across content on UFan8 relating to suicide or self-harm, please flag the content immediately so a moderator can handle it appropriately. Please also note the following self-harm and suicide prevention hotlines, which offer immediate help.

      United States:

      • National Network to End Domestic Violence
      • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
        • 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    • Australia:

      • BeyondBlue
        • 1300 22 4636

    • Austria:

      • Telefonseelsorge
        • 142

    • Belgium:

      • Zelfmoordlijn1813
        • 1813

    • Denmark:

      • Livslinien
        • 142

    • Austria:

      • Telefonseelsorge
        • 70 201 201

    • Greece:

      • Telefonseelsorge
        • 0800 111 0 111
        • 0800 111 0 222

    • Ireland:

      • Samaritans
        • 116 123

    • Italy:

      • Telefono Amico
        • 199 284 284

    • Israel:

      • ERAN
        • 09 889 1333

    • Japan:

      • TELL
        • 03-5774-0992

    • Netherlands:

      • Foundation 113 Online
        • 0900-113 0 113

    • South Africa:

      • SADAG
        • 0800 567 567

    • Spain:

      • Teléfono de la Esperanza
        • 902500002

    • Sweden:

      • Självmordsupplysningen (Föreningen Psykisk Hälsa)

    • Switzerland:

      • Die Dargebotene Hand (Telefonseelsorge)
        • 143

    • United Kingdom:

      • Samaritans
        • 08457 90 90 90

  • Broadcasting Safety Tips

    • It's important to maintain your privacy and security while broadcasting live. Below are a few tips we recommend you keep in mind while using UFan8.
      • Don't share personal information. UFan8 allows users to connect with people from all corners of the world, but sharing personal information publicly (including but not limited to phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses) can open unwanted communication. We strongly discourage you from sharing this sensitive information.
      • Don't click unrecognizable links. In the chat, users may share URLs that link to inappropriate or phishing websites. We ask that you flag the users posting such URLs and make sure not to click on them!
      • Remember that UFan8 is a public place and behave accordingly.
      • Remember that everything you do gets recorded. After you end your broadcast, the recorded video lives on your profile for three days, and your most recent broadcast is visible until you broadcast again. You do, however, have the ability to remove any video from your profile by navigating to the "broadcasts" tab in your web profile or by tapping “view replays” on your app profile and then swiping left on the broadcast you would like to delete.

  • Resources

    • To ensure that you have the best experience possible on UFan8, please familiarize yourself with UFan8's community standards and policies, below.

      For further questions regarding any of the above, technical support, or for unbanning requests, please contact the UFan8 Help Desk here.

  • Contact us

    • The Trust & Safety team at UFan8 does everything we can to ensure that we respond quickly to law enforcement inquiries. Please contact us via the following:

      UFan8, Inc.

      917 Fremont Avenue, #140

      S Pasadena, CA 91030-9998

      E-mail Address (best contact to receive immediate response): privacy@UFan8.com

      Our Help Center: support.UFan8.com