Puzzle iq




1010 Puzzle IQ
1010 Puzzle IQ is an extremely attractive and brain damage game.

It helps practice your brain to learn and think critically in your spare time at school, on the bus, the subway or in the office break¡­You¡¯ll be addicted right at the first time playing, especially when competing with other players such as friends, colleagues and family.
It is very simple to play, you just drag the blocks and arrange how to seal one row or one column on the map so that all the blocks will be remove and you¡¯ll earn points.
The game over when there¡¯s no room to put any more block. Same 1010 game, but Puzzle IQ have more combo: x2, x3, x4, x5, x10.
The game is simple, but you have not dared to try!


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