Kart Transform Racing


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Kart Transform Racing
Kart transform racing! Race against kart racers around the track!

Street between lanes! Drive over speed boosts! Pick up random item boxes! Slow down your opponents with different items, such as bombs, bananas, lightning, shells, and rockets! If you’re lucky you can get a transformation item! Transform your kart to a giant robot and plow through traffic earning tons of gold!

Earn more currency and bonus items from opening the golden egg and spinning the fortune wheel whenever possible! Spend your gold to upgrade your car! Unlock new racers! Play story mode with various objectives in each level to receive a complete 3 star rating!


Kart Racing
Items – Boost, Bombs, Bananas, Rockets, GIANT ROBOT
Challenge and Story Mode
3 Star Completion Rating
Fortune Wheel – Bonus Currency
Golden Egg – Bonus Currency
5 Racers
Upgrade The Car
Daily Tasks


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