Jewels Hero Express




Jewels Hero Express

Are you greatest the Jewels Hero? Defeat your adversary with combos and awe-inspiring special attacks!

Epic match 3 battles! Play versus A.I or another player!

Choose your hero to fit your playstyle!

Use the fragile mage to dominate opponents with devastating magic attacks!

Use the mighty orc to relentlessly crush with physical attacks!

Use the nimble elf, tactically planning moves and striking with the most powerful attack of all heroes!

Turn the tide of battle with a well-timed item!

Block all damage! Stop them from healing! Burn their mana!

Looking for a move? Use a Re-Wind and get a brand new board of jewels!

Unique jewels

Build rage! Attack! Magic attack! Defend! Counter attack! Gain mana! Restore health!

Choose a hero! Pick your items! Match 3 and Dominate!


Music by 6-time Emmy Award-winning composer Gary Kuo
4 unique heroes and 6 remarkable items
Endless replayability
Same-screen PvP (Player vs Player)
Fun Match 3 Puzzle Gameplay
Attack the enemy with force or magic by matching 3
Counter enemy attacks with items and jewels
Enhanced graphics


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