Iron Killer




App descriptions:
Game introduce
*Zombie robots have captured the whole earth,they want to erase the exist of human.The steel shooters and the new weapons which made by human are fighting with the enemies.
* The human have 10 iron shooters and 31 weapons!So upgrade your shooters and weapons to destroy the enemies and nests on the island.
* There are 3 different level worlds,each world has 10 islands ,each island has 5 level and each level has 4 star difficulty to choose from.
* You an change your gun in the field anytime and shoot at enemies in 360°。
* Note 1:There will be hundreds of enemies to come attack on the picture in the same time, please remove your position when you attack the enemies.
* Note 2:Please destroy the nests first!This will be avoid to produce new enemies!
* Note 3:Different enemies have different skills, be careful to avoid!
* Note 4:Pick up the props of the enemy drops at any time, there will be a surprise!


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