Football Master League


Football Master League

Take full control of your own football team! Join the Football Master League!

Build your team from the ground up! Customize your team logo! Win league and exhibition games to earn funds! Recruit players, set lineups, train players, run your offense, and go for the championship!

Become the best in Football Master League. Manager your team, recruiting faster and stronger players! Earn enough funds from exhibition and season games and get the very best players! Can’t beat an opponent? Can’t afford new players? Train your current players! Send them to quick training overseen by your coaching staff for quick, more expensive, upgrades in speed or power! Or assign them to train over a longer period for cheap!

Draw up your plays on the field! Control each player’s movement and blocking assignment! Set your rushing route, and run the play! See how your play unfolds in real time!

Blast through the defense! Set your blockers! Rush the gap! Break the tackle! Score! Opponents will automatically score if you don’t convert on 4th down!



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