Alae Sweeper


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Game Info:
Alae Sweeper is a brilliant picture and true 3D game full of fun.
In the game you will be using a virtual touch keys to operate a cosmic jets to destroy all meteorites, that you can see for the bianconeri opening a secure channel.

Your aircraft has two powerful weapons:
– a machine gun
Damage generally but high firing rate, you can be flexible to use it to destroy all obstacles ahead.
– missile
Powerful destructive slower but the launch, the missile will automatically lock a target and track until to destroy it.

At the same time you also have three kinds of skills in obtaining enough combo number when they will start automatically:
– gun power up
– shield
-Infinite missile

This is a very casual game, you can start at any time to play also can stop at any time, no train no archive no upgrade, only a simple but fun challenge, every game will be a new challenge!
What are you waiting for? Universe legion is waiting for you, to break the record together!


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